Biostimulant of mycelium,
to maximise yields and
quality of mushrooms.

After years of Research & Development, MycelianceTM is releasing to the European market and soon worldwide, the first biostimulant dedicated to the mushroom industry and beyond.

This innovative and patented solution is able, not only to shorten the production cycle of spawn producers, but also to maximise the mushroom yields and to improve their quality.

StimycelTM is efficient on button mushrooms, oysters and shiitake. Every strain tested so far has been significantly boosted, but the best thing to do is to give it a try on yours !

1st biostimulant designed for spawn
and compost-mushroom producers.

Add only a few grams of StimycelTM per spawn bag :

– Mycelium growth is naturally and reliably boosted.
– Bags can be released sooner and energy is saved.
StimycelTM keeps being effective during transport.

Spawn the compost as usual, with supplements :

– Yields and quality of the mushrooms are maximised.
– 2 boosted flushes produce enough to avoid the third.

StimycelTM takes the form of a fine and clean powder.

MycelianceTM SAS
2 rue Paul Gauguin
49130 Les Ponts-de-Cé

CEO – Jérémie Mallet   

Marketed in EU (2024), soon worldwide.
Interested ? Let’s talk.

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